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Trekking, especially in Nepal, is a wonderful lifetime experience.

Nepal is a mountainous country, where there are still even today, many places remote, uncivilized and without road links. As recently as 5 years ago, it could take several days to walk from one place to another: a long and arduous journey .Therefore trekking, or to define it more precisely, walking and climbing over a mountainous terrain, is part of our tradition and something that we still do.

Nepal is unique due to its topographical formation: the Himalayas boasting the world’s highest peaks,the diverse nature of the landscape, the people and their culture hidden away in sleepy and remote mountain villages.

A beautiful paradise awaits you but it’s not easy to get there! To reach the high mountains you will have to ascend and descend, walk through many valleys,cross rivers, and follow a trail that is often narrow, rocky and uneven. A minimum level of physical fitness is necessary,but no vast physical exercise is needed in the lower trekking areas. You don’t need rippling muscles or to be a mountaineer to enjoy trekking if you are reasonably fit and well acclimatised.

If you have an adventurous spirit, enjoy being outdoors, appreciate nature and are not afraid of walking, then trekking is for you! Nevertheless, some guidelines must be heeded for the health and safety of everyone involved (see "for your safety")

Nowadays trekking is becoming more and more popular as a type of adventure, fitness type holiday attracting people from all over the world. It’s ironic that what we Nepalese are often obliged to do by necessity, tourists come to do just for fun!